Stemming from the reality of never being on the “Honor Roll” while in school, but somehow obtaining the necessary principles needed to become successful in life, Honor Roll Clothing Group was created to serve as a representation of Excellence, Dedication and Perseverance. This perspective is simply translated in our mission statement: Pardon My Excellence.


Honor Roll Clothing Group uses two operating logos: the HRCG Ribbon and the Grad Cap. Both logos are distinct representations of the brand and its core values. Each logo tells the story of achieving excellence in a specific practice, while having to persevere through difficult circumstances.









“A token of achievement issued to person(s) who obtained showed a high esteemed level of dedication and accomplished excellence during a specified period.”

- Someone Really Smart









“It has been an age-old tradition of graduates to wear graduation caps. In a way, the cap symbolizes how special the day is in that only those who have toiled and persevered are given the right to wear it.”

- Someone Even Smarter

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