On our last stop of the college tour we hit Kennesaw State University. Much respect and props to the organizers of the event (they had the event on point). We also would like to thank the student body for their support. They were engaged in the lecture & really welcomed us. We can't wait to comeback in 2012-2013. #Salute #PardonMyExcellence "Aspire to Inspire"

Welcome to part 2 of the Pardon My Excellence College Tour. On this stop we're at Albany State University. Check out behind the scenes footage, a bomb threat, fashion show & interviews. Part 3 Coming Soon!!

Shout out to Dion Norris (@deathofdion) for the video work! #PardonMyExcellence "Aspire to Inspire"

Pardon My Excellence Lecture Series Part 2: Albany State University from Honor Roll Clothing Group on Vimeo.

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