Our Story

Honor Roll Clothing is a unisex lifestyle clothing brand based in Atlanta, GA…founded in 2010

We are explorers of Truth. There are people across the world facing gut-wrenching challenges, from afar, would seem impossible to overcome.  Yet with their backs forcefully pressed against the wall, they find a way to triumphantly survive.  Those stories inspire the world’s Underdogs to overcome.  We are dedicated to being the narrator for those stories that have yet to be told. This is why our motto is ‘Excellence is a Process” because we truly believe pursuing the dream is just as important as making the dream a reality!


Our Tribe

The Underdog Tribe consists of people who are forced into, or are dedicated to the cause, of fighting against the notion of “Not Suppose To“. We are determined to overcome the “unlikely” by defying the odds, overcoming the obstacles, and telling the tales of all of the people who join us in that fight.

Our Team

Blair Caffey

Founder and CEO

Blair Caffey is the CEO and founder of Honor Roll Clothing. At the core, Caffey is a man who desires to do God’s will and to follow Christ as much as possible. Caffey’s dedication is exemplified in how he does business with people as well as the motivation behind the Honor Roll Clothing brand and designs.

The Honor Roll Clothing brand name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Caffey’s academic record since he never achieved honor roll status in school. The brand concept coupled with brainstorming with a friend and now business partner Darnell “Shep” Shepherd, led to the birth of the business.

Caffey continued his higher learning pursuits at Albany State University where he earned an undergraduate degree in marketing and later attended Mercer University to earn an M.Div.

Darnell “Shep” Shepherd

Owner and Operations Manager

A 2006 graduate of American Intercontinental University, Darnell Shepherd, affectionately known as “Shep”, has filled the role of Operations Manager since Honor Roll Clothing’s inception in 2009.

The company’s tagline, “Excellence is a Process,” is one he carries with him inside and outside of the business. When he’s not creating new business strategies to improve the day-to-day tasks of the company, Shep spends his time on his other passion: basketball. A former athlete himself, Shep is the Associate Head Coach at his alma mater, Joseph Wheeler High School, in Marietta, GA. He applies the idea of excellence being a process in coaching and training styles to encourage the best of each of his players on and off the court.

Shep enjoys time with his family, friends, exercising and does his best to be in, and create, dope experiences and spaces everywhere he goes. 

Christan “Chris” Duncan

Owner and Marketing Manager

Chris Duncan is a native of St. Louis, Mo and a graduate of Alabama A&M University, where he received his bachelor’s in Marketing. Duncan joined Honor Roll Clothing in 2011 providing insight for marketing and event strategy to connect the brand’s mission with the core audience.  Over the years he has helped shape the way Honor Roll Clothing communicates with the brand’s base and has developed multiple touchpoints in and out of Atlanta.  

Currently, Duncan serves as Marketing Director for Honor Roll Clothing and plans to leverage established business relationships to help Honor Roll grow and expand into new markets.  His vision for the brand is simple: Quality Storytelling, Quality Products and Quality Experiences (in-person and online).

“I want my daughter and future generations to know that they can dream and apply some hustle to reach their goals.  It will take research, a lot of work and belief in self, but it can be done…one step at a time.”