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Our Story

Honor Roll is a lifestyle clothing brand based in Atlanta, GA.

We are explorers of Truth. There are people across the world facing gut-wrenching challenges, from afar, would seem impossible to overcome.  Yet with their backs forcefully pressed against the wall, they find a way to triumphantly survive.  Those stories inspire the world’s Underdogs to overcome.  We are dedicated to being the narrator for those stories that have yet to be told.

Our Tribe

The Underdog Tribe consists of people who are forced into, or are dedicated to the cause, of fighting against the notion of “Not Suppose To“. We are determined to overcome the “unlikely” by defying the odds , overcoming the obstacles, and telling the tales of all of the people who join us in that fight.

Our Team

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Blair Caffey

Founder and Owner of Honor Roll

Likes: God, Awkward Pauses, Classic Streetwear, and Rap

Dislikes: Sin, Wackness, Meat, and LeBron James

Darnell Shepherd aka Shep

Owner and CFO

Likes: Basketball, Candy, Rap, and Wearing Honor Roll

Dislikes: Tight pants, Honor Roll spending too much money, and Honor roll taking too much time off

Chris Duncan

Owner and Marketing Director

Likes: Originality, THRSHLD, Shoes, and Camo

Dislikes: Being like everyone else and bugs

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