“Continued Education: History” Collection

This collection is releasing in the heart of Black History Month with a perspective to share. Honor Roll Clothing developed this collection to highlight the history of Black Americans…”not quite belonging to the roots nor the soil”. This collection’s centerpiece is the “Anti – P.W.I.” hoodie which stands for Anti Predominately White Industries is not a call against white people but rather it is a rallying cry to push against industries which have historically (and currently) left Black voices out from decision making positions. The heart of this collection focuses on rejecting industries which profit from Black cultural appropriation. These industries not only fail to acknowledge where they got their “ideas” from but they also do not allow for these communities to monetizes their culture. This collection, “Continued Education: History”, is an active lesson in Black American history and cultural investment.

Honor Roll Clothing with be releasing their new collection featuring:

-“Anti – P.W.I.” Hoodie
-Collegiate Sweater
-Collegiate Cap
-Underdog Socks