“Decisions” Capsule Collection

The images from the “Decision” capsule collection are not something one can breeze over.  These original photos are meant to shock and/or expose the level of desensitization we deal with as it relates to violence, sex drugs, and hate.   We wanted to pair the innocence of childhood (specifically in our little girls) with the harsh realities of the inevitable decisions we all have to make as we grow up.  Unfortunately, some of us had to forfeit our childhood due to being placed in adult situations.

Our goal with this capsule collection is not to make people feel bad, but it is to get people thinking about their role in helping the next generation pursue purity.  Too many children are forced to “grow up” at the hands of an ill-equipped adult.  We want everyone who sees this collection to stop and think about how they would help this child make wise, healthy life decisions

Check out the collection below: