“Excellence is a Process” Pop Up Shop

First and foremost…THANK YOU for all of the continued support!  We hosted a Pop Up Shop for our latest collection, “Excellence is a Process”, back in November and it was such a dope time.    We had a blast seeing new and old friends.

This collection focused on the heart of reaching our personal goals and the endurance needed to keep fighting.  It won’t always be easy but it won’t always be a challenge.  The daily fight is your very own version of excellence…not just the goal.  Keep fighting and keep enduring!

Excellence is a Process:
“Excellence is not the finish line…it is the process of pushing forward in the face of failure. It is our process that makes us great. We often get caught up in our goals and we miss how the journey has made us better. Excellence is not a place where we arrive…simply put, Excellence is a place where we are.”