Study Breaks w/ Alexander John

I knew about Alexander-John’s projects before I actually knew who he was. The specific project was the Mixtape Capsule with Emory Jones and Puma. Still wish I could have copped those shoes and the coaches jacket smh. In any case, It didn’t take much time of me looking homie up that I found out that AJ was one of the most influential, yet under the radar creatives with in our culture; no cap.

Prior to the Study Breaks conversation that you can view below, I had the pleasure of speaking with AJ for about 2 hours, only to find out that we had way more in common then story telling and product development. Hints of that conversation is what shaped what we ended up discussing during our time on IG Live. You can expect to hear dialogue around the importance of working for other as well as ownership, how his Christian faith is felt through every aspect of his business, tips on how to develop valuable relationships in business, and as always we took
some great questions from the audience.

This was a dope conversation and I’m sure if your viewing this, there are going to be a number of gems that you’ll be able to pick up from the both of us. As always, we pray that you all are staying safe, encouraged and healthy! #stayexcellent

– Blair Caffey (@honorrollblair)