Study Breaks w/ Jas Bell a.k.a. Leonardo Chop

Integrity and honesty are rare in this business. A lot of times, I find it to be as rare as the missing railroad piece on a McDonalds Monopoly game board. But with my guy Jas Bell, more popularly known as Leonardo Chop, his level of authenticity and candor is what has allowed him to progress in an industry which typically leaves a person distorted and washed.

I also think Jas being so comfortable with himself is what allowed him to take uncharted paths the typical teenager and now adult would dream about but wouldn’t have the ability to pull off. Just think about it, being 17 or 18 years old and being a roadie for Pharrell and Kanye West, while still having to complete high school assignments on a tour bus, takes a different level of confidence. A confidence balanced with humility but also secure enough to embrace the moment.

In a lot of ways, embracing the moment is what has serves Chop well on his process to excellence. Being willing to take in life as it comes and then courageously responding to it. That’s how you get a kid who was kicked out high school who then ends up being Creative Director for SZA and developing one of the more honest streetwear brands, Hazelwood.

A timid nature is what you shouldn’t expect from this conversation, especially the last 30 mins of it. I encourage you all to take some time to just soak up the perspectives of the one who Pharrell dubbed as a cloud hopper who is in every sense currently living out that moniker to a tee. You all enjoy and #stayexcellent.

– Blair Caffey (@honorrollblair)