“The Day Niggas Took Over” by Dr. Dre has been my theme song over the last few days. I’m pretty sure this gives you some insight to where my head is at. I’m not going to pretend we here at Honor Roll Clothing have all of our emotions sorted out, because we do not. Depending on the minute, we could all be at a place of ease and levelheadedness or we could be in an “I wish a MF’r would” state. However, what is for certain is we are not oblivious to the eroded ideal America. 

This country was designed for us to be free labor. That is it. Everything else which has contributed to the advancement of African Americans in this country has as been an interruption to the plan of this demonic system called “America”. 

If you think we are over exaggerating, take a look at the 1915 film by D.W. Griffith, “The Birth of a Nation”, screened at the White House per the request of President Woodrow Wilson. Compare the movie’s tipping point (white women claimed the “savage” blacks where trying to hurt them) to what Amy Cooper did in Central Park and then tell me if there is a difference. Also, consider the Civil Rights fighters of American history who were viciously attacked, beaten and in many cases killed without any arrest or convictions of their killers!  It is sickening that we can listen to speeches from black leader 3 generations ago and their rhetoric is almost tailor fit to the reality we are living in now. 

For the European dissidents here in America who are constantly asking the question to their African American peers of “What can we do to help?” or “How do we resolve racism in America?”, we encourage you to look up any rhetoric of Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin, MLK, Malcolm X, James Cone or any other African American freedom fighter from our history. As a people, we have consistently asked for the same thing(s) for over 125 years. Feel free to add an additional 400 year to the total if you want to consider the period in history we knew we deserved freedom yet was not even considered humans but property to be sold, bought, and exploited. That is a lot of time to be asking for the same things so forgive us if we are reluctant to give you an immediate response. Take the initiative to open your ears and eyes to America’s true history with a dosage of humility. I am sure within this process, you can come up with a solution or two for your peers who have the authority to move the needle and utilize your resources to create equality for African American communities. 

Honor Roll Clothing is a brand embodying the spirit of the Underdog. We embody this because all of the owners and every person who has worked for the brand has been one since birth. This is the soil in which we grew up in. We are also a brand which  preaches and lives out the mantra, “Excellence is a Process”. For us right now, the only measurement of excellent we can stomach to talk about is the truth. The truth is America is on fire and rightfully so. This is what happens when there is a system at work which completely disregards human dignity of other image bearers of GOD. 

As I said before, we do not have the answers, but we are definitely in this together. We do not know what product roll outs are going to look like in the near future but what we can guarantee is whatever we put out, be it product or content, will always be with the Underdog at the forefront and with the City of Atlanta in our hearts. We love and are praying for you all! For our African American followers, y’all stay black and safe! And for everyone else, make sure you are on the right side of justice and keep your head on the swivel! #StayExcellent