Study Breaks w/ Trinidad James

Progress. At the end of the day, as a brand, that’s what we preach, it’s how we choose the type of people and brands to align with. Trinidad James is one of those guys that reflects the kind of time we’ve been on since 2010. Having the privilege to know Nick before he became artist and communicator he is today, I can say with a full heart I’m really proud of what he’s been able to accomplish thus far.

And for me, my appreciation for what Trinidad has done has less to do with the fame he’s been able to clinch and more so with how he’s been able to authentically and unapologetically evolve and leverage his gifts into new opportunities. This sort of progress has triggered trolling and critiques from the media and nerds behind keyboards who couldn’t understand what Trinidad, a flamboyant yet poised and confident individual, was trying to communicate and represent. That type of defiance and focus is something which makes a defiant playa, such as myself, proud!

One of the moments I appreciated the most about our time is how candid Trinidad is concerning his father’s presence and the work ethic given to him that lead to him to pursue financial independence. In hearing him reflect on those lessons he learned growing up, it connects the dots for me on the origins of his Underdog spirit.

With all of that being said, having the opportunity to catch up with my guy who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since the beginning of Honor Roll to his Ginza days at the Underground to discussing his current project “Black Owned” was extremely life giving. Take some time to check out a few Underdogs drop some uncut gems and talk progress and empowerment. As always, #stayexcellent

– Blair Caffey (@honorrollblair)