Study Breaks w/ Fadia Kader

First off, Fadia is my homie. She is a different kind of quality person. It was beyond a pleasure sitting down with her for around an hour and a half and talking about the experiences she had growing up and the unwelcoming climate she navigated early in her career. Those challenges equipped her with the repertoire needed to be one of the most influential people on social media today.

If I was to categorize the depth of our conversation with a phrase, it would be that “Excellence is a Process”. Not only is it a process, but there certainly aren’t any shortcuts to it either. Everything about Fadia’s story represents the ethos of what Honor Roll represents. Authenticity. Integrity. Consistency. Going from throwing iconic Atlanta parties like “The List” and “Broke an Bojuee”, to passing up on managing a young Justin Bieber, to being one of the major forces in shutting down the internet with Swizz Beats, Teddy Riley, and Babyface.

Nothing about being a woman of color. looking to stake her claim in the music and tech industry, was easy or without great sacrifice. But, if you asked her today, she’d tell you she wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s what made Fadia Kader-Fadia Kader. A name that holds a great deal of respect truly has the ability to influence the masses. So, do yourself a favor and make sure you have your notepad out as we drop some extremely valuable jewels on what it took for an Underdog kid from the Middle East to accomplish some culture shifting feats. This will be time well spent

– Blair Caffey (@honorrollblair)