Study Breaks w/ Anthony ‘Munch’ Steele

You know, we live in a time where everyone wants to be a “boss”. To many, the notion of working for someone, is perceived negatively. Those are thoughts, I’d imagine, of those who either have an inflated ego or lacks the discipline of diligencet. Perhaps that was what was most refreshing about the conversation I had with Anthony “Munch” Steele. The humility that my guy showed in sharing his story was nothing shy of sobering. Being comfortable and confident in the role that one plays in a larger organization is nothing short of astonishing, considering today’s culture.

– But let Munch tell it, there isn’t anything extraordinary about what he’s been able to accomplish in his career, which currently has him positioned as a Marketing Manager at multi- billion dollar footwear and apparel retail company, Foot Locker Inc. I’m sure that that has everything to do with his consistent, but constant progression in his career that ultimately has led to him being one of the finest tastemakers of footwear.

My conversation with Munch is one that would, of course, touch on his love for the sneaker community. But, more importantly, it highlights the importance of persistence and perseverance. Nothing in this world is going to be handed to you and more times than not, success isn’t going to just fall in your lap. Being willing to be consistent and focused is what gets you life’s holy grails. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy this time hearing about one of our fellow Underdogs’ pursuit of excellence.

– Blair Caffey (@honorrollblair)