Study Breaks w/ Joy Ssebikindu, LPC

I think it goes without saying we are in some strange times. The idea of “normal” has been a figment of our imagination for quite sometime now. Learning to adjust can take some time and as a brand, who isn’t shy avenging the process head on, we wanted to invite License Professional Counselor, Joy Ssebikindu, to discuss some healthy ways for us to navigate these new territories. 

Just as a heads up, this isn’t a conversation designed to answer all of our mental/emotional health woes. Reason being, we all have unique circumstances we are facing and it would be irresponsible for us or Ssebikindu to give some faulty “1+2= Be The Best You” formula that just isn’t sustainable. So more than a therapeutic regiment to implement into your daily life, this Study Break’s conversation is designed to help give you some questions to consider and ask yourself as you are finding your footing in this time.

We here at Honor Roll pray you all are doing well out there and we hope you all are taking care of yourselves! I’m confident this episode of Study Break’s will aid in you all doing so! 

– Blair Caffey (@honorrollblair)